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Spirit-Led Strategic Planning Template

Strategic Plan for ____________________________


Prepare and Plan for Strategic Planning event (refer to instructions in Strategic Planning Teaching)

Check P



Prep intercessors

Identify/Notify participants

Set date(s) and times

Assign logistics person

Consider hiring consultant

Other prep details

The Planning Event Depending on how overt you have decided you can be in this event, and on the participants you have invited, we suggest you open in prayer. Conduct a devotional that will draw participants into a receptive and creative state of mind. Bless them and the event with Biblical affirmations of who you are in Christ and the impact you have on the Kingdom. Perhaps share a short explanation of the five Pivotal Paradigms from Ed Silvoso’s book, Transformation, or show a video presentation on the Seven Mountains of Culture, focusing on the mountain represented by your company or organization.

Identifying Values, Vision, Mission(refer to instructions in Strategic Planning Teaching)

Historical – record the events in your personal and business life that show you what God considers to be of significant value for your company or organization.



Gifts and Passions – Describe the natural and supernatural gifts you and your team have among you. Talk about them in relation to the passion you have and note what God seems to be impressing on you as what He considers to be of significant value for your company or organization. 

Revelation – Prayerfully listen to what God is telling you and your team through the various means He has of telling you what He considers to be of significant value for your company or organization.

Write the list of values you have identified in this step of the exercise. Discuss how they impact your company or organization; how they relate (or not) to your current product or service offerings; what relevance they have to your current customers, employees and other stakeholders. Include a discussion of “who you are” in Christ’s eyes and record the results. Pray about your thoughts and discuss to what extent you embrace those values. Study Scripture to discover how these values are expressed and carried out. Finally, make a formal commitment, in writing, to the values you have decided you will commit to living out. This is your Values Statement.

You are now ready to write your vision statement. It is likely that the thoughts and discussions you have been sharing about values, have brought you to a point where you feel you know what God’s vision is for your business. Draw out the participants’ sense of that vision by asking them to identify their view of what the future would look like if the values you have embraced were in place. One method is to simply record everyone’s “vision,” encouraging a rich and complete view of the future God has in mind for you. The level of “elegance” you desire will determine how you complete your Vision Statement.


  • If your organization has a board of directors, there will need to be a formal adoption of the values/vision/mission steps. Some boards delegate the remaining steps in the planning process to staff.
  • It is usually impractical to “wordsmith” the vision and mission statements in a group, especially if there are more than three people. A good facilitator can help bring the group to a level of unity without agreeing on specific styles or wording. One alternative is to take a break at this point, reconvening after one or two people have “crafted” the statements.
  • The larger and more complex your company or organization is, the more difficult capturing the mission statement will be.

The organization’s mission must flow out of the values and vision. We would even argue that if it doesn’t, you have missed God’s direction. To create a mission statement, ask participants to focus on action words or phrases that would be taking place to result in accomplishing the vision. A successful mission statement provides a clear link from the values you hold to the world you envision. One way to evaluate your mission statement is to look back and see if it encompasses all your values while creating energy toward your vision.

Write your values, vision and mission statements all in one place.

Identify your Opportunities For Faith - OFF (refer to instructions in Strategic Planning Teaching)

This exercise is usually exciting, energizing and fun. Either as a large group or in small groups, challenge the participants to identify all the “realities” that would be taking place if you were successfully walking into your values, vision and mission. Stress that OFF statements are positive representations of future realities, not identification of problems and barriers. There are many creative ways to accomplish this which increase passion, ownership and goal-directedness in the participants. Record all the input and then combine them into logical OFF Statements, which you can then write into a form similar to the one below.

Complete the Plan Specifics For each OFF statement, write the goal(s), strategies and actions steps. (Refer to instructions in Strategic Planning Teaching - Click Here). Record all your work.


Plan Specifics – Shorthand version


Goal 1-1

Strategy 1-1

Action 1-1-1 (shorthand)

Action 1-1-2


Goal 1-2

Strategy 1-2

Action 1-2-1

Action 1-2-2



Repeat above style

Plan Specifics – Detailed version


                Goal 1-1

                                Strategy 1-1

                                                Action Plan

                                                                Person Responsible

                                                                Resources/Budget Amount


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