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The Fruit of Transformation Teaching

Reaping Transformation Assignment 1 – Engaging a Dysfunctional System

Revisit the materials you produced from the Strategic Planning, Leadership and Marketing modules.

Pray over records of "felt needs" you and your staff collected. Look for dissatisfaction and dysfunction in the system. This is where you are likely to identify true systems-level problems.

Pray and network with others in the system to expose dysfunction. Even as you build these networks, you are creating a base of like-minded believers who are willing to position themselves for co-laboring with God for transformation. Harvest Evangelism's experience is that a cohesive core of a few, dedicated believers is more important than seeking agreement and unity of everyone who could potentially be included.

Write out the problem as clearly as you can. Take care to identify problems, not solutions at this stage, or you may find yourself squelching Holy Spirit creativity. (See the Practical Considerations section for some guidance).

Reaping Transformation Assignment 2 – Introducing a Transforming Idea

Pull together your intercessory team (and those of the other like-minded people and organizations in your "cohesive core") and set a time to earnestly seek the Lord.

Go once again through all the steps of repentance and cleansing to be sure you are a receptive vessel.

Present the problem statement and pray over it

Keep attentive in the hours and days following for God's revelation. As needed, review the materials on hearing God's guidance, here and here.

Reaping Transformation Assignment 3 – Facilitating Introduction and Adoption

This is an ideal time to explore Building Bridges with others - either through Market 70 or through other networks you have in your sphere of influence. True systems change rarely happens alone. Pray about whom God might want you to be walking with in unity.

Ed Silvoso offers an excellent strategy for acceptance and adoption. He suggests five steps. (That None Should Perish, Ed Silvoso, Regal, Ventura, CA)

Establish God's Perimeter. Silvoso describes this as seeking out a "faithful remnant" – a cohesive group of strong, fellow believers who are secure in their devotion to transformation. (We have included these first two steps in assignments 1 and 2, above).

Secure the Perimeter. This entails breaking down every stronghold that sets itself up against the acceptance of the truth of God. The entire remnant must be cleansed and righteous through repentance. Silvoso writes, "God will not release His supernatural resources until we are broken before Him, until we have acted on His word and His word alone. The miracle will not take place until the natural resources are spent." We must be totally reliant on God, trusting in Him alone. Encourage all the participants to go through the Personal and Corporate Purity module.

Expanding God's Perimeter. You will begin finding favor with others when they see your righteousness and your steadfastness. In other places, Silvoso advises building this unity only after you have built cohesiveness.

Infiltrating Satan's Perimeter. This is the step of bringing spiritual warfare to the enemy, as we have seen in Luke 10:1-20. That None Should Perish describes this from a church perspective, but we believe it is equally effective in the marketplace.

Destroying Satan's Perimeter. Once the enemy's influence is broken, it must be replaced with the transformational idea. In marketplace terms, this means nothing less than a system-wide marketing blitz opening the eyes that have been blinded by the system that is now being toppled. (See 2 Corinthians 4:4 and Acts 26:17-18). In spiritual terms, it means releasing the captives with the light of the Kingdom solution.

In addition, stay "prayed-up." Facilitating introduction and adoption of a transforming idea can be draining. You and yours are very likely to come under attack as the enemy tries to distract you from staying the course. It is vital that you and your intercessory team remain vigilant, but also that you remain on the offensive for as long as it takes.

Keep track of all of these assignments, journaling as you go. It will help future participants in your sphere's transformation movement to understand and accept what God is doing.

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