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Funding Transformation Teaching

Funding Assignment

Personal Applications

1. If you are your own boss, prayerfully consider how much you pay yourself. Is it so much as to hinder other works the Holy Spirit might be leading your organization to do? Is it so little that you are distracted by not being able to meet daily needs? Does the amount give a poor witness to employees, peers, customers, etc.? Looking at your own personal finances, are you "strewing" your money like the manager in Luke 16 or you allowing it to flow through you for Kingdom purposes? 

Beyond your salary, how do you view your claims on the profits of the organization? Ask the Holy Spirit how much, if any, of His money He would have you take as distributions. Consider with your spouse whether your lifestyle is that to which God has led you, or that into which you have walked and asked God to bless. Finally, consider how you are being led to use your personal finances.

Corporate Applications

1. Go back and review your Spirit-led Strategic Plan. Is your organization directing its resources to not only accomplish your mission, but to fulfill God's vision? How are you measuring the Kingdom fruit God is expecting to produce? Are you investing enough into the organization to equip it to fulfill the destiny God has for it? Are you squandering any resources of any kind that could be better directed to the vision and mission? Especially consider your own freedom in Christ – are you sharing that knowledge with others who are still bound spiritually, emotionally or physically?

2. How are you compensating your employees? Against what standards are you setting salary, benefits, bonuses, etc.? Listen not only to worldly standards, but to what the Holy Spirit would have you do. In what way are you equipping your employees to be good stewards of both personal and corporate resources? Consider providing training and tools to help them manage wealth and to position them to fulfill their God-given destinies.

3. In what ways do you interact with your community? The local church? (See the last module on Leading Transformation). What is your interaction with your industry? Your local or state government? Create a giving plan based on your strategic plan. Seek input from your intercessory team and your employees. Set goals and create strategies and action plans to fulfill them. Be sure to identify measures so that you can track progress.

This is what we mean when we refer to "Funding Transformation – Spirit-led Resource Management." Use God's resources wisely and His promise is to deliver more into your hands for Kingdom use.

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