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Transformation Marketing Teaching

How to Apply Transformation Marketing Strategy

If this were easy, everyone would be doing it, but there are some very real challenges in applying the Transformation Marketing Strategy in a business or organization. We identify the challenges below. We have also developed a practical application worksheet and some tools to help you develop and execute a strategy specific to your situation. First, though, let's take a look at two organizations applying God's plan for marketing. 

A Church Touches the Public School System - Example #1

What does this marketing strategy look like in practice? North Heights Lutheran Church in St. Paul, MN believes that God has given them a vision to be a "church of the city," to go beyond the walls and denominational lines, and reach out to all of God's hurting people. One of the places they began was with one of the local school districts. They began praying for the administrators, teachers and students. They built lines of communication with them, inviting administration to speak to a gathering of pastors and civic leaders about the district's needs and problems. They volunteered to participate in a "backpack" drive, buying and filling backpacks with back-to-school supplies for needy students. This was so successful, that the district invited the church to to help in other ways and the district became an outlet for a church day of service in which they fixed, painted, cleaned, etc. in the schools.

All of this was done strictly to meet the district's needs. The church did not ask for anything in return; no permissions to proselytize or pass out tracts with the backpacks. District personnel were so blessed by the church that they invited North Heights to start a clothes closet ministry to supply district families in need. The schools, in turn, took on the task of prequalifying people and issuing vouchers for the clothing.

The schools began "catching" a vision for what the church can be for the city.

This relationship is still growing, but suffice it to say, the church has gained unprecedented favor with this state-run education system, gaining favor in the eyes of administration, faculty, students and families. North Heights has created a "brand promise" that any business would be happy to lay claim to and their influence is continuing to spread.

Quietly Winning the Truck Spring Market - Example #2

Standard Spring in Roselville, MN is a small player in a competitive marketplace of suppliers and repair shops for heavy trucks. Standard has consistently and purposefully built relationships as part of their understanding of their mission to transform the industry. They regularly visit both customers and competitors, sincerely offering encouragement. They pray for them and often find opportunity to pray with them. They are scrupulously honest and seek to put the needs of the customer first - even to the point of "eating" the cost of returns and customer errors. They have found that they are becoming a trusted vendor, not because they have lowest prices or fastest delivery, but because they have shown they truly care about their market.

Challenges in Applying Transformation Marketing

Before You Begin
What, specifically, is God appointing you to do?
Where is He sending you? How can you determine where He is planning to go?
What are the tools He is sending you with?
How do you prepare your entire staff, board, etc. for your marketing strategy?
Especially, how will you meaningfully involve those who are not believers?

Step 1: Speak peace into the person, place or situation
What does that look like in practical words and actions?
How do you teach everyone in your organization to speak "blessing" and hold them accountable for doing so?
What are your criteria for judging if a "person of peace" is there?
What does it mean to move on to a more receptive market?

Step 2: Build meaningful relationships there
What are your plans for "staying in that town?"
In what meaningful, practical ways will you interact with your market, building relationship?
What is your brand promise and how do you intend to express it in words and actions?

Step 3: Meet their needs
What kinds of needs is your business or organization prepared to meet?
How will you train your staff to recognize and meet expressed and unexpressed needs?
How will you engage your intercessory team to help with this crucial step?

Step 4: Tell them the Kingdom of God is near
What does this look like for you and your staff and your situation in words and in actions?

(This is a particularly important step. How you and your staff does this either confirms or disproves the caring relationship you have been building up to this point).

The Results:
How will you follow up with individuals, groups or systems?
What will you do to move beyond the introduction to the kingdom toward transformation in their sphere of influence?
In what ways can you encourage testimony and how can and will you use them in the future?


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