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Attain and Protect Purity

Outside and Inside Cleansing

Outside Cleansing touches on the visible conditions of our lives and our organizations. For example, a pattern of "fudging data" in the past, will result in a climate of mistrust, deception, and thievery. Overindulgence in alcohol or prescription drugs may result in a diminished capacity for reasoning and decision making. The cause of such conditions must be exposed and remedies put in place to reverse the damage done.

Inside Cleansing refers to God healing from the inside out— memories, life experiences, personality and even temperaments. Sometimes when we or our organizations seem to be blocked from receiving God’s blessings, it’s because God wants to get at some deeper healing needs we have. If this is the case, God will use the symptoms to help us draw near to Him so He can lead us through to victory. Once we take care of the inner healing needs, the physical healing often manifests quickly.

Isaiah 61 says God sent Jesus to heal the broken hearted. Inner wounds can wound, cripple, and blind. Secrets can keep us in bondage. God can touch these inner wounds, bring them to mind and deliver from them on the spot, but often this is not His way. If he doesn’t choose to heal immediately, it may be that He is prompting you to let the Holy Spirit perform a deeper work in you.

We were created for union, but Satan tries to isolate us. Inner healing is a process that brings us back into union with God and with other people. Since Jesus is not restricted by time and place, He can reach into any stage of a person’s life to bring healing. In the instances that this is needed, there is often a love deficiency which only God can fill.

Other areas that call for inner healing are the instances of word curses (things spoken against you or your organization), unhealthy soul ties (emotional attachments through ungodly relationships) and inner vows (promises you or others may have made that limit you from experiencing all God has for you).

Work through the questions in the Inner Healing section of the Corporate Spiritual Freedom Documents. If you answer “yes” to more than three questions, and suspect there may be a need for working on a deeper level, there are several steps you can take. First, download our teachings on Inner Healing from If you sense a need to go deeper still, then there are prayer appointments, Christian counseling and deliverance ministries available in the Twin Cities to help you walk through to victory in these areas. Contact your pastor or e-mail us for referral ideas.

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