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Intercession Teaching


We need to understand the power available to us. God hasn't asked us to represent Him on earth without giving us the means to do it well. Job 36:32 reads "He covers His hands with the lightning, and commands it to strike its mark” (emphasis is ours, translated from paga). Our prayers release thunder, lightning and earthquakes (see the New Testament examples of prison breaking open and room shaking). That's power! Determined intercession releases God's miraculous power. Reverence, God's power and great harvest were the results of intercession in Acts 2. Using the same methods today will produce the same results that the early church experienced. Hebrews 13:8 God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Yes, one word from God routs Satan and every demon, but God's plan is to work in partnership and use us. Sometimes different amounts of God's power are needed to accomplish certain things. There may be times it requires the prayer of the many or more prayer of the one. There may be instances in which it is a time issue as when Daniel had to wait 21 days when the angel was delayed in coming because of warfare. You will walk in victory not through vain repetition or always doing the same thing, but through intercessors cooperating with the Holy Spirit until breakthrough comes.

One last thing before we get super practical: how do you as a business owner or management interact and relate with your intercessors? The same way as Kings related to Priests in the Old Testament. The Priests had ready access to the kings. They served as conscience pointing out sin and they also taught the law to the people. More specifically, they inquired of God, maintained the temple, officiated in daily sacrifices to keep the kings free of sin, stood between God and Kings, the people and Kings, and were guardians of the Word.

Intercessors do the same for the people or company they pray for. They inquire of God to serve and bring about the Kings or God's purposes. They present the Word of God and keep the temple free of sin. They also build up the walls of protection, dismantle strongholds, call in the promises of God, declare God's truths over the company, look to see how God is working and pray in His strategies, and build and maintain the intercessory team.

Go now to the Intercession Application in the Resources Tab to the right and begin building, equipping and using the powerful tool of intercession in marketplace transformation.

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