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Intercession Teaching

A Boundary

The second key concept to understanding paga intercession in the marketplace comes from the Hebrew meaning of paga as boundary or border. Consistent with the definition to meet, it is the point at which two territories meet or connect. Paga is the establishing of boundaries or walls of protection and the marking of a territory as one's own, declaring: "I will not permit intruders or interlopers."

1 John 3:8 states Jesus came to destroy [or in Greek luo] the works of the devil. The word luo or destroy has both a legal and a physical meaning. Luo means to dissolve, melt, break, or untie, also to pronounce someone no longer bound, and to dissolve or void a contract that legally binds.

Jesus "luo-ed." We are also to luo. Matthew 16:19 says that what we luo or destroy on earth is luo-ed or destroyed in heaven. So the question is, did Christ luo the works of the devil once and for all or do we? Back to that partnership we started the teaching with, God chooses to work through man. On the cross Jesus fully accomplished the task of breaking Satan's authority and voiding his legal hold on humans. Now someone on earth must represent Him in that victory and enforce it. The intercessor will either create a meeting with God to meet with Satan and enforce Christ's victory or to meet with God for His purposes of reconciliation to release His blessings.

To apply this concept to your company or organization in the area where worldly finances meet kingdom finances, it might look like this:

Lord, we bring this company before you in the name of Jesus. By Christ's finished work on the cross we break every hold Satan has established over the finances of this company in Jesus' name. We command those finances to be loosed completely and a positive cash flow to be released now in Jesus' name. We break off any previous practices in our finances that have not honored you Lord. We release Your priorities, Your timing, Your resources into our company and give You all the honor and glory of re-establishing our credibility and reputation in this area.

This moves us, then, into the benefits of intercession...

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