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Intercession Teaching

The Need for Intercession in Marketplace Transformation

Why do you, as leaders of your organization need intercession? C. Peter Wagner suggests the following five reasons for pastors needing intercession. We have expanded those to leadership in general. (Prayer Shield, C. Peter Wagner, Regal Books, 1992)

  1. As leaders, you have more responsibility and with that, more accountability. Accepting a position of leadership in the Christian world is running a risk. The Bible makes it clear that there is a higher standard for leaders. There is an increased risk not only of a sinning against your fellow man, but also a violation of the "office" held. If Jesus needed prayer all through his ministry, especially the closer He got to His goal, how much more do we?

  2. As leaders, you are more subject to temptation. The higher you go up on the ladder of Christian leadership, the higher you go up on Satan's hit list. Leaders have more exposure to temptation in every realm of this world and the spiritual world--finances, sex, greed, power, pride, demonization, spells, curses etc.. Satan also uses the flesh to tempt through, pornography, alcohol, drugs, gluttony, etc.

  3. As leaders, you are more targeted by spiritual warfare. Why go for the soldier when you can take out the general?

  4. As leaders, you have more influence on others. The enemy targets those with influence. If he takes you down, many others are affected. The ripple effect is devastating.

  5. As leaders, you have more visibility. And doesn't the enemy just love to expose the vulnerabilities of those in the spotlight? Take, for instance, ministers with large audiences or congregations, politicians or movie stars, doesn't Satan take delight in tearing down their reputations and exposing their weaknesses?

Yes, leaders greatly need intercession. Already hearing whispers that you're not really a leader? If you're head of your company, you're a leader. Don't believe the lies of the enemy.

Battling thoughts that this need for intercession doesn't really apply to you? Cast them off. If Satan can stop you he will. It leaves you with much less covering for future attacks.

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