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Corporate Examination

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  1. Research the history of your building, the land it is on, the neighborhood it is in and even the city. Note any evidence of crimes, injustice, unholy alliances with false religions, witchcraft, secret societies or the occult. (See Effects of Sin Inventory, below).
  2. To the best of your knowledge, list all owners and managers since the inception of your organization. If you have a board, include all board members. Research corporate minutes, records, etc. and determine if there is any evidence of those things listed in #1. Also look for dishonest or unethical practices, injustices done to partners, employees, vendors or customers, or to the organization by any individuals, groups or government entities, broken marriages, other things listed in The Effects of Sin Inventory, below. Research how any previous partnerships ended.
  3. Has there ever been, or is there now, any indication of incompatible owners’ visions, values or missions? Was there, or is there any unequal yoking?
  4. Has there ever been any discrimination against individuals, people groups, age categories, genders, or any other class – even if at the time it was acceptable and/or legal?
  5. Has your organization ever been involved in the sale of products or services that are harmful to people, families, their possessions, or the environment?
  6. Has your organization ever intentionally or unintentionally engaged in unfair labor practices, corporate espionage, undermining or harming of competitors?
  7. Has your organization ever intentionally or unintentionally violated any contract, agreement or covenant?
  8. Has your organization ever defrauded the governing authorities, taxing authorities or broke or “bent” regulations in order to further your own interests?
  9. Has your organization ever spoken badly about another business? Has any business or person spoke badly of yours? (slander, rumors, word curses such as "i don't know if we'll ever make this business payoff," or "they never get the order right or deliver on time," oaths or vows.) Do you know of anyone who holds something against your organization?
  10. Has your organization ever committed any sins of omission – that is, failing to do something you should have done?
  11. Has your organization ever filed bankruptcy, accepted dirty money, taken cash or payments under the table, used tainted start-up capital, or failed to report gifts or income?
  12. Has your organization ever diverted funds legally owed to any entity to another purpose, whether for a short or long time?
  13. Has your organization ever knowingly under-compensated employees or vendors? Has your organization ever treated someone unfairly in a business transaction?
  14. Has your organization ever lied to or misled people or entities to make yourself look better, win an account, etc.? Have you ever knowingly "ripped" someone off?
  15. Has your organization ever supported causes, groups or other entities that are inconsistent with Scripture?
  16. Does your property or building have any objects, decorations, etc. that may represent idols, the occult, or any sinful practices? (E.g. masks, statues, idols, new age music). Do any of your employees, customers or vendors practice false religions or the occult? Has your business experienced incidents that were weird or out of the ordinary?
  17. Has your family line been successful in running a business? If not, what seemed to be the problem or downfall?
  18. Have any of your family members been part of an illegal business such as prostitution, the Mafia, money laundering, Ponzi schemes or alcohol during prohibition?
  19. Does your business tithe, give charitable gifts and/or time and support to the community?
  20. Are you aware of any unforgiveness, resentment, bitterness or ill feelings against any partner, associate, vendor, client or employee? Against any other business or business related situation?
  21. Is the Holy Spirit bringing anything else to your mind to address with Him?

Deuteronomy 28 is very explicit in describing blessings and curses. Are any of these symptoms present in your organization, departments, or locations? (Numbers correspond to verses in Deuteronomy 28).

____Real estate, leasing or location problems - 16
____Plant, equipment or supply chain difficulties - 17
____Hampered, decreased or absent creativity - 18
____Production setbacks or production that is less than average for your industry - 18
____Unusual glitches throughout your sales, production, or service cycle – 19
____Lack of direction, confusion among the ranks or among management – 20
____High incidence of health problems among employees, contractors, or vendors – 21-22, 27-28
____Scarcity of supplies, labor or materials – 23, 24
____Loss of accounts, employees or vendors to competition – 25-26, 32
____Chronic lack of success – 29
____Broken, disappointing or unfaithful relationships – 30
____Incidents of theft, vandalism, embezzlement – 31
____Loss of employee productivity to “sin” problems such as drugs, alcohol, divorce, debt, etc. – 31
____Inordinate debt, high interest rates, burdensome covenants – 33, 44, 48-52
____Eminent domain “takes,” hostile takeovers, unfair mergers or acquisitions – 36-37
____Chronic unexpected expenses, capital needs, labor costs – 38-42
____Draconian cuts, low employee morale, negative vendor and customer relationships – 53-57
____Brand deterioration and loss of market share – 37, 43, 63, 68b
____Deterioration or abandonment of mission and vision – 28:14-68, especially 63

If any of the above are present, you may be experiencing the lingering results of sin in your organization or in its past. To discover the roots of such conditions, continue on to the Corporate Effects of Sin Inventory starting on the next page.

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