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Scriptures on Buying and Selling

Selected Scriptures on Buying and Selling

Though not exhaustive, this annotated list may help you examine your own philosophy and policies on buying and selling and give you some insight into God's values and vision.

Genesis 42 - 47 The account of Joseph and God saving the Israelites through a complex series of buying and selling events.

Amos 8:6 A warning about cheating the poor through commerce

Matthew 21:12-16 Jesus clearing the temple (Also Mark 11:15-18 and Luke 19:45-47)

Exodus 21:2-11 On the buying and selling of servants. What lessons are we to take from this passage?

Leviticus: Many passages in Chapter 25 relate buying and selling to the broader plans of God to establish His people and their lands. Note also 27:28. What does that mean for us today?

Deuteronomy 2:28 God expects us to pay a fair price for the materials we use to ply our trade. Are there examples of countries that did cooperate? What happened to them?

Deuteronomy 14:26 One of the passages describing what we are to do with the results of our sales

Deuteronomy 28 Often referred to as the blessings and curses chapter, note how many of them have to do with commerce. The important takeaway from the passage is that our obedience will result in either blessings or curses.

Ruth: Why is this extensive account of the role of kinsman-redeemer in Scripture? As in the Leviticus passages, what are we to learn from these intricate rules on buying and selling?

2Samuel 24:18-25 and Genesis 23 Do these passages have something in common about buying as a means of setting aside something as sacred? Is God teaching us something about renting/leasing vs. owning?

1 Kings 21 Do not abuse power you have in the selling or buying. Note the result on Ahab's future generations. Also, is Proverbs 11:26 an example of the same thing?

2 Kings 4:7 (The widow's jar of oil). An example of faith resulting in abundant sales. Ask for something big. Obedience and faith result in signs and wonders. Notice, the sale of the oil was first to free them and to pay their debts before they lived on what was left.

2 Kings 7 God told in advance what things would be selling for and controls the market. Also, it is further proof of God's promise to give us revelation knowledge. Good points of discussion on pricing.

Neh 10:31 How are we to honor the Sabbath when it comes to buying and selling?

Proverbs 14:23 and 21:5 (among others in Proverbs) Selling is still going to be hard work.

Jeremiah 32:7 Jer 32:6-ff Jeremiah is told to buy a field from Anathoth in impossible economic times. Is God teaching us that buying and selling are not an end, but rather subject to His plans and purposes? Note the promise at the end in vs 36-44.

Lamentations 5:4 One of the results of being in disobedience is that the buying and selling become like the Deut 28 curses. The pricing of our goods is determined by the buyer and our product is totally devalued.

Matthew 14:15 "Send the people away to buy food" - God's ways of providing go beyond man's only way of buying and selling.

Matthew 25:9-10 the act of buying and selling is to ready ourselves for the Kingdom - it's the incidental means to the big end.

Luke 10 with Luke 22 Compare and contrast these verses regarding purse, sword, etc. Is there a season for buying and selling to advance the Kingdom and a season for NOT buying and selling?

Luke 19 and Matthew 25 God expects us to turn a profit with what is placed into our hands. And that faithfulness, obedience, and skill that He will use in us to exercise dominion over the Kingdom of God.

Acts 8:20 The buying side of the equation: is it in God's will?

James 4:13 is all about MY plans and what I will do. Does this also say something about measuring success by sales as opposed to doing the Lord's will. Also, is sales a source of boasting or is your testimony on the Lord?

Revelation 3:18 How do we "buy" from God? All we have to give is our hearts which he returns refined as if by fire. The whole buying/selling exchange - commerce - if not enriching our soul and expanding the Kingdom leaves us pitiful, blind, etc. If we are not totally hot for the Lord.

Revelation 13:17 Even Satan recognizes the importance of the buy/sell exchange. He realized if he could co-opt that exchange, man would forgo the Kingdom values for earthly values.

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