Market Seventy: Reclaiming the marketplace

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Practical Assignment

Prep Assignment

Write your organization's USP – Unique Selling Proposition

What is it about your product that is truly unique from any other which can be clearly seen by the customer?

Write a specific strategy for communicating it to your entire staff, board, etc.

Be specific: What words will you use? Who will present? What versions for what audiences? What materials will you distribute?

Write your own plan for communicating the Five Paradigms

Fill out the table. Create a different one for each group of constituents, if necessary. (E.g. employees, board, volunteers, management team, etc.) You may use the example from Transformation Marketing Practical Application. Download additional copies of this table as needed.

Five Paradigms for Understanding Marketplace Transformation

For Believers (From Silvoso)

For Others

The Great Commission is about discipling nations, not just people.


The marketplace (the heart of the nation) has already been redeemed by Jesus and now needs to be reclaimed by His followers.


Labor is the premier expression of worship on Earth, and every believer is a minister.


Our primary call is not to build the Church but to take the kingdom of God where the kingdom of darkness is still entrenched in order for Jesus to build His Church.


The premier social indicator that transformation has taken place is the elimination of systemic poverty.


Step One Assignment

From your Spirit-led Strategic plan "OFF" statements and your USP, identify clearly the places into which God is leading you.

Values Statement

Vision Statement

Mission Statement

OFF Statements

"Towns and Places"

Pray for direction before you begin. Be very specific, you will use this to launch your marketing communications. Brainstorm, write down and practice ways of "speaking peace" into those places that are appropriate to your market and your employees. Include your vendors, strategic partners, and competitors in this exercise of creating words of peace. Teach all your constituents (employees, sales reps, agents, board members, volunteers, etc.) to perform this step effectively.

Step Two Assignment

Devise a long range plan for building into your market. Be specific about words, actions, resources, timelines, etc.

Make sure your whole staff understands the priority of relationship over sales.


Specify how you will continue to compensate staff who are effectively building relationships when there is a gap between that and any financial return from the market. (You may want to hold off on the specifics in this step until you complete the next module on Excellence in Process, but it would be helpful to begin the conversation now.

Step 3 Assignment

Mobilize your intercessory team with the task of praying for wisdom and direction as you work through this. Make a list of the kinds of needs your organization is equipped to meet. Inventory your staff's natural (and spiritual) gifts and who can best meet the above needs. Identify areas in which your organization is lacking resources and enlist the help of those who can come along side you (such as churches, social services, other businesses, etc.) Carefully craft your sales messages to communicate both the fulfillment of the customer's immediate, presenting need, and your interest in their longer-term well-being.

____Train and practice effective listening skills for everyone who encounters a customer at any level.

____Train your staff to recognize and document their observations of expressed and unexpressed needs.

(Contact us if you would like help to conduct this training or for any other assistance you might need)


Write a plan to submit the documentation to your intercessors and for discuss in regular staff meetings, looking for ways you can meet needs.

Step 4 Assignment

Identify different methods of introducing people to the King.

Weigh the various personalities, their place within the client organization, the relationship they have had up to now, the kinds of needs that have been met, etc. Engage your intercessory team before, during and after the interaction.

___Identify and purchase or prepare any collateral materials you will use - such as The 4 Spiritual Laws or other aids in calling for a commitment to Christ.

___Prepare and practice personal testimonies.


Results Assignment

Provide for continued prayer coverage for this market with your intercessory team and consider helping this market build its own team.

Write a strategy for follow-up and continued relationship.

Create ways to intentionally draw your contacts into transformation relationships.

Identify measures to demonstrate changes in the system, industry, etc. and communicate those.


Create and institute methods to encourage testimonies from this market and ways to communicate them to the broader sphere of influence.

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