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Marketing Practical Considerations

Marketing God's Way – Putting it into Practice

As in the Leadership Module, our purpose is not to teach you marketing, but rather to teach what we believe is God's "good and perfect will" for marketing your business or organization. There are plenty of excellent resources in the world for marketing, and other than those that might be unethical, illegal or misleading, we suggest you learn and use them liberally – AFTER you have worked through the process of discovering God's specific plan for your product or service, and then only if you are led by the Holy Spirit to use them.

This section on Practical Considerations is organized in a way we thought might be the most logical for most people and which follows the challenges we presented in our teaching on Transformation Marketing.( Click Here to see that page.) Our approach is to arrange these practical ideas and tools sequentially, in the order you are likely to need them.

  • Before You Begin: Preparing Your Organization for Marketing God's Way
  • The Luke 10 Model
  • Step 1: Speak peace into the person, place or situation
  • Step 2: Build meaningful relationships there
  • Step 3: Meet their needs
  • Step 4: Tell them the Kingdom of God is near
  • The Results: Next Steps Following Your Marketing Efforts

If that doesn't seem to meet your needs, however, feel free to go directly to the practical area with which you are currently dealing by using the menu on the top of this page.

IMPORTANT: For most of you, the assignments in this section will probably be the most difficult tasks you will ever face. Even if you are an overtly Christian organization, with Christian employees, the way you perform these assignments is key to your success as a Transformation Organization. Do not fear nor be discouraged. You may have to work through many iterations before you are flowing with the Holy Spirit. And with new staff, a change in product or service, or a concentration on a different market, you will probably have to work through these steps over and over.

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