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Maintaining the Gears - Outer Circle

Maintaining the Outer Circle

  1. Pray regularly for them
  2. Demonstrate your care for them and theirs
  3. Share the vision with them
  4. Give them authority relative to their abilities
  5. Know what rewards them and provide it


Specific Maintenance Steps to Perform with Outer and/or Inner Circle

        In what ways are you actively working against systemic poverty issues?

        How are you equipping your employees for growth, development, independence, relationship?


        Engage your leaders and employees in evaluating the system within which you find yourself.

How effective is your organization at influencing the system you are in? What do you need to do to increase that effectiveness?

Where are the negatives into which you could begin to introduce light and opposite “blessings?”

How are your people equipped and empowered to influence the system?



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