Market Seventy: Reclaiming the marketplace

FastStart: Reaping Transformation

Why You Need It

Jesus said, "Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire." He also said of those who do not produce fruit, "Therefore I tell you that the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will produce its fruit" (Matthew 7:19, 21:43). All of what we have been talking about and doing in our transformation journey is held up to this standard, popularized by an old Wendy's commercial, "Where's the beef?"

What It Is

Reaping Transformation is the most exciting of all the Market 70 modules. In it, we see God's hand producing fruit from that which He has sowed into our transformation organization. Reaping Transformation involves identifying and targeting those outcomes God is leading you to produce, and then intentionally engaging in systems change until we see tangible outcomes in our sphere of influence.

What You Have to Know

Ed Silvoso, in his Five Pivotal Paradigms, challenges the transformation community to expect and work toward substantial, measurable outcomes. At this stage in the transformation journey, we have become focused on system-wide change. Systems change is difficult in any circumstances, but when it is opposed by significant spiritual forces and entrenched strongholds it is even more daunting.

Spirit-Led systems change contains the same three elements we see in the world: identification of a systemic problem, introduction of a transforming idea, and facilitation of that idea's adoption until the system is changed. The difference in Spirit-Led systems change is that all three steps are identified by, and empowered by supernatural means. God, Himself promises to introduce world-changing, creative ideas and gives us power and authority to implement them. The key is in learning to move in spiritual warfare that informs and directs our human efforts.

What You Have to Do

There are three major steps for you to take in Reaping Transformaiton.
1. Identify and target the specific outcomes that will evidence transformation in the spheres of influence God has called you to.
2. Pray for and grasp the transformational ideas that will introduce the necessary changes.
3. Create and work a plan to facilitate acceptance and adoption of the transformational idea.
4. Persist in both spiritual warfare and market leadership until the transformational outcomes are manifested.


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The Fruit of Transformation Teaching

The Fruit of Transformation

Can Transformation be Measured?

"Where's the beef?" A television commercial some years back coined those familiar words which have now become a challenge to show the fruit of one's efforts. It's a fair question to ask of any business, ministry, government, educational or arts company that strives to be a transformation organization. We chose to deal with this question first, because change at the systems level seems so overwhelming that people often disengage, We believe it is vital to understand that transformation not only can take place at high levels, but is taking place – and all over the world. Once we understand how to spot it and measure it, we won't be afraid to tackle it. Understand this: it is God doing the transforming through us. "It is God who arms [us] with strength and makes [our] way perfect," (Psalm 18:32) and, "it is God who works in [us] to will and to act according to his good purpose. (Philippians 2:13)

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A Farmer on World Hunger

40 Chances


On our most recent trip to Uganda, a board member gave me this book to read. Howard Buffet has traveled the world looking at world hunger through a farmer's eyes.  

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