Market Seventy: Reclaiming the marketplace

Spirit-Led Policies and Procedures

Spirit-led policies position your organization for effectiveness in transformation. If all our processes were grounded in growth, freedom, faith and God's plan for transformation, it would fundamentally alter the way we do business. Policies would be proscriptive rather than restrictive. Procedures would nurture rather than limit. Processes would encourage creativity rather than mindless conformity. The environment would build sonship rather than a slave mentality.

You may observe that many of your policies and procedures already foster that kind of atmosphere. We would suggest that unless all processes are born of the Spirit, your organization will still operate under the law. We're not even suggesting that something must be glaringly evil to leaven the whole organization, but rather that everything must support the goal of transformation or everything and everyone will be in danger of open doors to the enemy.

If your financial policies appear secretive, you may find production taking shortcuts or hiding errors, for example. Or, if your personnel policies have hints of controlling behavior in them, you will birth either immaturity and dependence or you will create resentment and passive-aggression.

As in previous modules our goal is not to teach what all your policies and procedures should contain, but rather to highlight certain biblical values on which to base your own processes.

While there is no particular order, we begin with ethics.

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A Farmer on World Hunger

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