Market Seventy: Reclaiming the marketplace

FastStart: Transformation Marketing

Why You Need It

The world's view of marketing is based in and driven by customer satisfaction – not a bad thing; but transformation marketing must be based in and driven by reclaiming God's best for our organizations, our customers, our industry, our city, etc. The goals of marketing are not matching our products/services with customer needs, but rather using our products/services to meet customer needs so that they will see the power and glory of God.

What It Is

Transformation Marketing is the purposeful positioning of marketplace resources for Kingdom building. It is the bridge between Kingdom goals and the business or organization God placed into your care and stewardship. It directs every resource in your organization (even employees who are not Christians) into Kingdom building activities.

What You Have to Know

Transformation Marketing is built on two models. The first is defined by five pivotal paradigms based in Scripture and introduced by Ed Silvoso in his book, Transformation. Briefly, it is that we – all of us – are responsible for reclaiming the world that Jesus redeemed on the cross. We are commanded to deliver His salvation message not just to individuals, but to systems, people groups, and nations. The second is found in Luke 10. Jesus gives us a blueprint for marketing. He sends disciples into every place He was about to go with four tasks: bless, fellowship, heal and announce the Kingdom. The tasks are sequential and lay a groundwork for getting to know people deeply and building the kind of trust level required for them to trust us with meeting their needs.

What You Have to Do

There are four major tasks involved in effective transformation marketing.
1. Identify specifically how you and your staff are to communicate peace and blessings and to whom.
2. Build a solid strategy for developing long-lasting, trusting relationships with your sphere of influence.
3. Equip your staff with a clear understanding of how you will meet emerging needs in the marketplace.
4. Be prepared with respectful, effective ways to reveal the presence of the Kingdom of God.


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Transformation Marketing Teaching

Advancing Kingdom through your Product or Service


Let's perform a quick review of the Spirit-Led Process for building Transformation Organizations.

Step 1 (Building Your Intercessory Team) created a covering over you and your staff and company as you decided to step into this intentional and intense process.

Step 2 (Personal and Corporate Purity) set the stage for you and your organization to be free from the effects of sin so you could most effectively be used by God.

Step 3 (Spirit-Led Strategic Planning) discerned God's Kingdom vision and His specific plan for you and your organizationto carry it out.

Step 4 (Transformation Leadership) provided effective, Spirit-led leadership strategies to influence your spheres of influence for the Kingdom.

Each of these four steps is necessary for laying a foundation for the following step. Because of the first four steps, we are now prepared to equip all staff to carry out the plan of influencing each other, your customers, vendors, strategic partners, competitors, etc.

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