Market Seventy: Reclaiming the marketplace

FastStart: Transformation Leadership

Why You Need It

You've already been in leadership for years and can probably write books on it. Market 70 challenges you to look at leadership in an entirely different way – leadership as part of a world-wide transformation movement. Your reach will quickly move beyond your own employees and customers to your industry, your city, your nation. By embracing Transformation Leadership, you will find yourself expanding your sphere of influence, and by so doing, accomplishing all that God has for you and your organization.

What It Is

Transformation leadership is moving an organization, its people and operations into God's big picture - His plans and purposes in an ever-widening sphere of influence, resulting in perfect alignment with God's eternal purpose. It is an intentional exercise of your organization's influence to bring light into the dark places of the world and draw all of God's creation in Kingdom relationship.

What You Have to Know

Transformation leadership is to be viewed as part of the larger picture of God's Kingdom expanding ever outward. It is not a process of bring the world into the Kingdom, but rather bringing the Kingdom into the world. This graphical representation describes both the form and the function of Transformation Leadership.

Market 70 transformational modelEffective leadership within your own organization positions you and your staff to draw ever-widening spheres of influence into positive experiences with the Kingdom of God.

What You Have to Do

There are three major tasks for you to accomplish as you move on.
1. Pray for and record God's guidance on exactly what sphere of influence He is sending you into.
2. Clearly communicate with and equip your leadership team so that they step into your organization's call.
3. Plan out a clear path of interacting with your system to produce transformation based on your Spirit-Led Strategic and Marketing plans.


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