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FastStart: Spirit-Led Planning

Why You Need It

"'For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,' declares the LORD." The transformation journey you have set out on is for the purpose of reclaiming for the Kingdom that which Christ has redeemed through the cross. You and your organization play an integral part and God has specific plans for your role. Intentionally submitting yourself to the Holy Spirit ensures your effectiveness and informs your walk of obedience.

What It Is

Spirit-led Strategic planning retools traditional strategic planning into a conduit for understanding and following God's heart and His purposes for you and your organization. It is a process that places you squarely in reliance on Him for both the plans and the outcomes. It teaches a whole new approach to corporate planning.

What You Have to Know

Spirit-Led Strategic Planning starts with the Spirit of God. Knowing God's values – His heart – is crucial to knowing our own mission. Once we understand God's values in any given situation, we can easily see God's vision by asking the question, "If God's values were in place here, what would it look like?" We begin to see what God sees from His place in eternity. Then, and only then can we ask Him what our mission is to be in bringing that vision into being. That mission statement may be very different from what we would have started with if we were not operating from the Holy Spirit.

No, the next steps are not SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). That process focuses on us and the world. God wants us to trust completely in Him. To do that we need to identify that God-sized vision of the future and walk into it as an opportunity for faith (OFF). In doing so, we and our employees, board, etc. are focused not on what is merely "good," but on what God's best is for our organization. That faith-picture then drives our goals, strategies and action plans.

What You Have to Do

There are three major tasks for you to accomplish before you move on.

1. Pause and seek out God's values and His vision for the sphere of influence in which He has placed you.

2. Seek out those things only God can do and focus your resources on them.

3. Communicate His values and vision in your mission and so equip your staff and/or board to expect to see those apparently impossible results come to pass through your Spirit-Led Strategic Plan.


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