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FastStart: Personal and Corporate Purity

Why You Need It

The transformation journey you have committed to will take all the grace, power and authority of God to accomplish. You will be partnering with Jesus who is without sin and who cannot coexist with sin. He offers you the opportunity for complete freedom from any bonds of sin that would limit your effectiveness as His partner. If you are to represent Him in transforming the dark places into light and reclaiming His Kingdom, you must be prepared to be completely filled with light, yourself, eliminating all the darkness within your life.

What It Is

Personal and Corporate Purity is a process of examining yourself and every part of the organization – from its founders and history, through its current management and ways of doing business. As it reveals sin, you are lead through a process of repentance and redirection. The goal is to be the perfect vehicle for the delivery of God's grace through the products and services of the organization with no personal or corporate impediments.

What You Have to Know

Sin creates an entry for division, poverty, dysfunction and sickness. It separates us from God and moves us out from His covering, and gives Satan legal grounds for attacking our bodies, minds and spirits, our families, organizations, cities and nations. The Bible calls us to personal purity, commanding us to "Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect." Sin weakens our ability to will and to act according to His purpose, damages our credibility as representatives of Jesus, inhibits our ability to hear and obey the Spirit, and alienates us from God.

The Bible also calls us to corporate purity. Families, tribes and countries play a key role throughout the Bible, culminating in the induction of nations into the New Jerusalem. "Nothing impure will ever enter it." You have been entrusted with the organization you are leading and are responsible for ushering it into the coming age. You must prepare it for its role.

What You Have to Do

There are three major tasks for you to accomplish before you move on.

1. Identify and repent of all personal, ancestral, and corporate sin.

2. Actively appropriate God's forgiveness and the curse-breaking sacrifice of Jesus in those areas.

3. Establish frequent, regular habits of examination, repentance and appropriation.

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