Market Seventy: Reclaiming the marketplace

FastStart: Intercessory Team

Why You Need It

You are committing to co-laboring with God in reclaiming the marketplace. You are placing yourself, your organization and your family as targets for the enemy. Your first action must be to create a committed team to come alongside you. You need protection. You need wisdom. You need revelation. You need someone to hold you accountable to hearing the Spirit's direction. You need an intercessory team.

What It Is

Intercession is praying for people, situations, or land. It's standing in the gap between those people and the Lord Himself to pray His heart for them into being.

An Intercessory Team is a committed team to join you in prayer; people with a heart for God and for you and your vision. They come before God on your behalf. They come alongside you to do spiritual warfare and support you in your physical battle. They provide a covering for you, your family, and your whole organization. They are strong, knowledgeable Christians who are skilled in talking with and hearing the Holy Spirit.

What You Have to Know

In the Bible we see Jesus interceding for us, the Holy Spirit interceding for us, examples of kings, priests, and disciples interceding, and we are told to intercede or pray for our leaders and each other. Why? Because God has chosen to co-labor with us. From the very beginning, He created us to govern, manage and grow His creation. He works with us and through us in partnership, not independently of us. He looks for those who are willing to "build up the wall and the gap" so that mankind might not be destroyed.

There are two key concepts you need to know.

First, intercessors meet with God and re-present man's needs to Him. God then applies the victory of the cross to those needs. Your intercessory team presents your personal and corporate needs to God.

Second, intercession is the establishing of boundaries or walls of protection and the marking of a territory as one's own. Your intercessory team declares and protects Calvary's benefits for you and your organization.

What You Have to Do

There are three major tasks for you to accomplish before you move on.

1. Recruit and assemble an intercessory team.

2. Equip them and position them to be effective intercessors for you, your family and your organization.

3. Ensure regular, meaningful communication with them.


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Intercession Teaching

In his book, Thank God It’s Monday, Rick Heeren recounts the following story of his experience with intercession in marketplace transformation:

Another friend, who is a marketplace Christian, imports products from Korea and sells them through large operations like Wal-Mart and Home Depot. A few years ago, my friend was having difficulty generating sales volume. He asked me if I would pray for this “felt-need.” My wife Rachel and I went over to his home and prayed for him and his wife. After a few minutes of prayer I received a word of knowledge, the word “receivables.” I stopped the prayer and asked my friend about his receivables situation. He said, “Receivables management is not a problem in our company. We monitor our receivables closely and people pay their bills on a timely basis.” Then he paused, and looked very thoughtful. Then he continued, “Well, there is a guy in another state who is way overdue in paying his bill. I have sent him threatening notes, but he has not responded.”

I said, “Perhaps the Lord wants you to send this guy a note telling him that you can imagine that his problems must be very great if they keep him from paying your bill. Perhaps the Lord wants you to forgive the amount he owes you.” My friend responded immediately, “I can’t run a business that way. I will never make any money if word gets around that I forgave this receivable.” I responded, “Why don’t you pray about it and we’ll talk later.” My wife and I left his office and returned home. A few hours later my friend called me and said, “I sent him the letter. I told him that I was writing off his receivable. I blessed him and told him that I was praying that his business problems would get solved.” The next day my friend called me on the phone and told me that he had just been awarded the largest contract in the history of his company. I asked him if he thought that there was any connection between his obedience to that word that the Lord had given us and the receipt of this new piece of business. He agreed that the Lord had blessed him for his obedience.

- Rick Heeren, Thank God It’s Monday, 2004, Transformational Publications, San Jose, CA

Introduction to Intercession in Marketplace Transformation

(much adapted from Dutch Sheets, Intercessory Prayer)

Okay, now that your appetite is whetted for intercession, we want to tell you what it is and why you need it. Then we'll look more deeply at the Biblical basis for intercession and what it looks like in a business.

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