Market Seventy: Reclaiming the marketplace

Process Outline - Spirit-Led Organizations

The Market 70 Process Overview

Throughout the process, Market 70 organizations will achieve the following objectives:

Each step of the process combines teachings on key concepts with worksheets and exercises for you to download and work through. For more information on each step click it's FastStart link or go directly to the teaching  by clicking the Article link.

  1. Recruit and launch an intercessory team       FastStart     Article
  2. Attain and protect personal and corporate purity, and experience freedom from all hindrances    FastStart     Article
  3. Create a Spirit-led Strategic Plan    FastStart     Article
  4. Adopt a transformation leadership model throughout the organization    FastStart     Article
  5. Train all employees in the Luke 10 model of marketing. Start by applying the five pivotal paradigms of transformation (Ed Silvoso)    FastStart     Article
    • We are called to disciple nations
    • The marketplace has been redeemed and now must be reclaimed
    • Every person is a minister and labor is worship
    • We are to bring the Kingdom into all the dark places
    • A major indicator of success is the elimination of systemic poverty (Market 70 adds further measures)
  6. Create excellence procedures in areas of:    FastStart     Article
    • Governance – Biblical model of ownership and stewardship of corporate resources
    • Leadership– Servant leadership and succession plan
    • Operations – Excellence and innovation in product and/or service offerings
    • Finance – Reliance on God’s resources, not the world’s
    • Ethics – Transparency in all legal, regulatory and practical relationships
    • Care and prospering of Human and Environmental Resources
  7. Follow the Spirit in funding His transformation goals through your organization    FastStart     Article
  8. Identify the system change needed in your sphere of influence and measure the results    FastStart     Article
  9. Lead Transformation – Give back to and help build national and global transformation network    FastStart     Article

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