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Internal Transformation with Market 70

Market 70 will work in small groups, seminars, retreats or with your management team on-site, teaching a process for making your organization intentionally transformational and helping you and your management team with application and roll out.

We provide comprehensive, Spirit-Led processes and tools for discovering God's specific plan for your company or organization, resulting in the release of transforming power in your sphere of influence.

We help you learn and apply Biblical principles to every part of your organization, leadership and operations.

There are several ways you can use the Spirit-Led Process.

  1. The Do-it-Yourself approach: Work through each of the steps of the process (see below) with your management team, downloading the teachings and materials as you need them. There is no cost for this option. Work at your own pace, but step into God's leading for marketplace transformation - starting with your own sphere of influence.
  2. Two Small Group approaches:
    1. Accelerated: Over a 6-7 week, period, meet with other marketplace leaders in a focused, hands-on, "get-it-done" combination of curriculum and consulting. Your group will determine the times (weeknights, Saturday mornings, etc.) which will define the final schedule. The cost for this option is $750/company.
    2. Gradual: Forming into a group of six or more companies, work with other marketplace leaders to learn and apply each step of the process (see below). Some organizations choose this approach to take advantage of building long-term relationships and to spread out the effort needed to become actively transformational. Receive a teaching and materials, work on them during the month, and then return to use the consultant and group to critique, pray into and improve your application. Market 70 charges $125 per month per company for this option. Estimated time frame is 18 months.
  3. The All-in approach: Market 70 will work with you on-site, delivering the teaching and helping you and your management team with application and roll out. In addition there will be a semi-annual dinner and working seminar with other Market 70 client organizations. We charge $750 per month for this option. Estimated time frame will be different with each organization.
Ask God today if Market 70 is for you, and if so, which approach is His best plan for you. Then act on it. To contract with us or for more information, please e-mail or call 612-965-2253.
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