Market Seventy: Reclaiming the marketplace

Personal & Corporate Purity

Everyone knows that building on a faulty foundation will cause problems - if not now, then well into the future. And those problems become harder and more expensive to fix. The foundations of a Kingdom company include the character and history of the founders, current management, past and present practices, and more.

Personal & Corporate Purity ensures that the foundation is sound as you undertake marketplace transformation. It takes owners and management through an in-depth process of examining motives and practices - both personally and corporately - and freeing the organization from any defects that would affect its performance. This key step in the process prepares you to move confidently and powerfully in your sphere of influence - in both the commercial and spiritual realms.

Are You Ready?

Learn how to repair and strengthen your personal and corporate foundation for effective marketplace transformation.


For the administrative summary of this Market70 step, review FastStart: Personal and Corporate Purity. The FastStart guide gives you a quick explanation of 'Why You Need It', 'What it is', 'What you have to know' and 'How to do it'.

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A Farmer on World Hunger

40 Chances


On our most recent trip to Uganda, a board member gave me this book to read. Howard Buffet has traveled the world looking at world hunger through a farmer's eyes.  

Buy it today at Amazon.