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How to Partner with Market 70

There are two ways you can partner with Market 70

  1. Build a Bridge between countries, cities or people groups. We will work with you to identify a network of people and organizations with a common passion for transformation. We will equip and disciple both sides of the bridge, fostering a long-term relationship. We will help you both give and receive resources, technology, expertise and intercession. (See Bridges Illustration).
  2. Prepare your organization to be intentionally transformational. We will help you - either one-on-one or in relationship with others to structure your business or non-profit to align itself with Biblical principles in a Spirit-led process that will transform your leadership, operations, organization, and results. (See the Process Diagram, below).
Ask God today if Market 70 is for you, and if so, which approach is His best plan for you. Then act on it. To contract with us or for more information, please e-mail or call 612-965-2253.

Spirit-Led Organizations

The difference between a Kingdom Organization and a Spirit-led Transformation Organization is that a Kingdom Organization shines light into the dark areas, whild a Transformation Organization eliminates the source of the darkness. Becoming an intentionally transformational organization requires, well, intentionality.
This diagram illustrates what we believe to be a Scripturally-sound, purposeful process for effective marketplace transformation. The outcomes of each step will be different for each organization, but the process provides a strong, reliable guide.
Market70 Process Diagram 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Process Outline


Count the Cost

Are you considering answering God’s call on your organization as a Kingdom company? WAIT! Take a breath and “count the cost.” Jesus counsels us to seriously consider if we have what it takes to complete what we start (Luke 14:28-30). When disciples said they would follow him, he warned them that the road would not be easy and to be sure that they would not turn back when it got rough (Luke 9:57-62).

What about you? Take a good look at yourself and the resources and resolve of your organization. If you are to make this commitment to Marketplace Ministry, be sure you are ready to carry it through. Marketplace transformation takes time, energy, money and most of all, a tremendous amount of prayer.

You will, most certainly, encounter resistance from some and even outright attack from others. You will likely be misunderstood and even vilified. If your path becomes public knowledge, you must be prepared for to be both praised and criticized (John 15:20).

Are you ready?

Here’s a simple test. Did you actually look up any of the scripture passages above? No? Ask yourself how hard you are willing to work to become a transforming power in your sphere of influence.

Market 70 will stand by you throughout your transformation journey if you count the cost and make the commitment.

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