Market Seventy: Reclaiming the marketplace

How Transformation Bridges Work

Market 70 acts as a bridge, teaching and consulting with the two partners and guiding the relationship toward the stated ends.  Networks in each country contribute time, talent and resources in committed relationships for the purpose of marketplace transformation. The partners support and hold each other accountable, while resourcing each other with the wealth inherent in each other’s network. Taking the spiritual authority flowing out of such a partnership, each side intercedes and prays for the other. They share training and resources delivered to each side with the other to strengthen their existing networks and expand them.


Benefits of Bridges 


Of course, we are well aware of the benefits to the poorer of the two sides of the Bridges, but there is considerable benefit to Bridges to the US side as well.

They gain a testing ground for theories of transformational practices

They are able to witness signs and wonders that people see less often in their daily lives

They gain new markets for goods and services, but unlike colonialism, they are able to share with the host country..


Practical Considerations – How it will actually function

In every example, each abutment (each end of the bridge) contributes money relative to their respective economy and size of unit. A relationship is established between representatives of both sides of the bridge. Market 70 works with the representatives to establish the annual contribution amounts, mutual goals and expectations, benefits, communication protocols and annual plans. Each abutment recruits and trains an intercession team. Market 70 schedules on-site training and consulting times with each end of the bridge in Spirit-Led Marketplace Transformation. Partnership contributions cover travel and professional fees for the training & consulting, as well as for the recording and distribution of same. Local expenses such as conference expenses, room and board, attendee expenses, copying, & local transportation are to be covered by the abutments as their contribution of time, talent and resources.

Functional or Commercial Partners: M70 will work to involve other partners that are consistent with the transformation goals of the Partnership Bridge. These may be corporations or governments that have an interest in the process and outcomes of transformation, but for whatever reason do not wish to be involved in Kingdom-related activities of the Partnership. These partners may provide financial, technical and/or in-kind assistance to the Partnership Bridge. For example, a major manufacturer of motorcycles may wish to  provide training and parts to a transformation enterprise supporting members of its village through the establishment of a motorcycle repair business. Another example: a major distributor of certain products may wish to provide a key financial investment to start up a local manufacturing presence in a transformation enterprise that would use those products in production or consumption by end-users. Another example: a local government may wish to provide financial incentives to a transformation enterprise wishing to purchase land or build structures.

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