Market Seventy: Reclaiming the marketplace

Busembatia, Uganda

ChildwithwaterMarket 70 and Kingdom Life Resource Centre - Bridging for Transformation

One person who truly understands transformation is Pastor Dauson Musasizi from Busembatia, Uganda. His church, Kingdom Life Resource Centre has embraced its mandate to reclaim for the Kingdom all that has been redeemed. They provide award-winning prinary education for over 300 children. They are well of their way to being totally self-sustaining through an agricultural project that is employing dozens of people. They are building a herd of dairy cows, and creating space within their church for entrepreneurial enterprises. They have founded SEED Africa, which, in partnership with Market 70 has equipped over 100 entrepreneurs with solid business teaching and micro-financing. They are instrumental in founding and supporting a local credit union which is sowing economic benefit into the community at large.

We are sill in the planning stages for further Bridges to provide water purification which will help fund  a massive effort to eliminate human trafficking in the area.

If you would like to be a part of transformation in Busembatia, contact us today.

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