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Water Projects are a key to building bridges

Latest Update: On October 14th, 2017  three eighth graders from Highview Middle School in New Brighton, MN just stepped forward to help get clean water to improve the lives of women and girls in Tanzania. Elizabeth, Kendra and Elyse arranged a fun, educational event at a local park. They designed games that taught us about the problems, created a full color brochure, and passed around an eye-catching collection box. When they finished, they had raised enough money to continue purifying water in one of our projects in Ruaha Mbyuni.

These three teens, with vision and heart have, without exaggeration, saved many lives and improved countless others. Thank you! 

Anyone can help. As you can see, even a small effort makes a major difference in this problem. It IS fixable with people like Elizabeth, Kendra and Elyse - AND YOU! Read on for more information. 

No Access To Safe Water: Standing in the way of health. Standing in the way of prosperity. Standing in the way of quality of life.

WaterTankDomilaHow can children pay attention in school when parasites are raging in their stomachs? How can a young woman start a business when she has to walk several miles, twice a day to get clean water for her family? How can a village maintain any standard of health when their water source is tainted? How can a farmer irrigate his land during the dry season?

To make any meaningful change in the culture, economy, family life, health and prosperity of East Africa there must be long-lasting, sustainable solutions to the issues around access to safe water. In doing our research we find there are many civic, religious and commercial organizations trying to address that problem. Market 70 International has been asked to join in the efforts. We are working with a non-profit in Tanzania and a school in Uganda to provide wells and assure safe drinking water. 

This picture is a project in Domila, TZ where a "sweet water" well is now being used to provide water for the people in the immediate neighborhood. A small fee is charged to ensure long-term maintenance of the well and to offset the costs of supervising it. This is the kind of project that is changing the lifestyle of thousands in East Africa.

There are two parts to the water solution.

The first is access to water and the second is access to clean water. Where there are no lakes, rivers or streams, water must be drawn up from underground. This requires drilling a well. That can be very "inexpensive" in the case of hand-drilled wells in areas where water is close to the surface. However, inexpensive is relative. A hand drilled well can be as little as $3000 - which for most areas where we work is almost impossible. A deep well to reach past rock layers or to go below tainted land can be as much as 10 times that.

The second is access to clean water. Even where water is plentiful, it is often contaminated, or it contains dangerous heavy metals. Or, where water is stored (like in the picture) there is often need to insure ongoing cleaning and maintenance of the tanks. Water purification, too can be quite inexpensive. The easiest and cheapest method is to use chlorine. More challenging needs require more expensive and more difficult technology. Many of those methods are in the tens of thousands of dollars.

We Need Your Help

Money. There, we've said it. But money by itself is not what we need. Market 70 is building partnerships around the world with people who want to see sustainable, long-lasting solutions that position people, villages, non-profits, and givernments for success. Our goal is to ensure that "help" is really helpful and not something that has the unintentioned result of holding people in further bondage to continued financial and technological needs. So, how can you help? By helping us build bridges WITH water that lead to lasting, healthy relationships, We are looking for donors, but we want donors who will get involved with us over the long haul. Get to know the people with whom we work. Be humble enough to gain wisdom and resources FROM those relationships. 

You can invest in our water fund at any level - we will set aside 100% of your investment for those projects. None of it will go to our administration or fund raising or salaries. We will see to it that those using the funds in water projects use them effectively and efficiently. We will be "on the ground," teaching, mentoring and building into their futures. You can get as involved as you would like to be and we will help you to do so.

Here are some ideas for giving:

Corporate giving can go a long way to bringing unity of purpose to owners, employees, shareholders and customers. Does your company have a purpose outside of itself? Market 70 can come on-site and teach transformation concepts. We can advise and guide you in corporate giving that is truly transformational - that is, giving that brings about long-term system change. Contact us today or simply click on the Donate link, above.

Clubs, church groups and family giving promote strong ties and give extra meaning to the group's existence. Christmas time brings this to mind, but what about the rest of the year? The water needs are there year around. While most small groups can't afford big amounts, they can commit to ongoing monthly support. That kind of support is especially helpful to us as we make long-term commitments to these water projects. (See this short video for a Christmas giving invitation. Oh, and while we're thinking of it, why not give a gift of water in someone's name? Then download our Water Bottle Wrap and let that person know how h/she has become a partner in something big?) 

So, be creative. Work with us to build briges WITH water. As you read through our website, you will see that our end goal is to remove those things that hold people back from seeing the love and the power of God for their transforming of indviduals, families, cultures, and governments. Whether or not you share in that end-goal, we hope you will join us in the vital, intermediate goal of creating life-giving access to clean water. Contact us today or simply click on the Donate link, above.


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