Market Seventy: Reclaiming the marketplace

Rehearsing for the End Times

Marketplace Ministry, Kingdom Companies, Transformation, Reclaiming the 7 Mountains – all these terms have one thing in common. They all contain an understanding that what we do here – now, today – is a rehearsal for the End Times. It is clear from Scripture that God intends His people to be stewards over the new heaven and the new earth, reigning with Christ (Revelation 3:21).

To the degree we are faithful with the resources He has placed in our care – our businesses, our talents, our governmental authority, our environment, etc. – He will entrust us with authority over those and more in the New Jerusalem (Luke 19:11-26). This parable (also presented in Matthew 25:14-30) clearly tasks us with stewarding what we have now with the reward of being in charge of more upon the return of the King.

Are you ready?

This is the rehearsal of your career, the most important audition you will participate in. Market 70 is designed to help you look at every area of your organization, preparing it to be a transforming power in your sphere of influence. Then we'll help you connect with other transformation organizations with a like passion for systems change so that you can begin making a measurable difference - today!

If you are a Kingdom company or an organization involved in Marketplace Ministry, dig into Market 70.

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A Farmer on World Hunger

40 Chances


On our most recent trip to Uganda, a board member gave me this book to read. Howard Buffet has traveled the world looking at world hunger through a farmer's eyes.  

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